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Pipeline Leak Detection

Verify Pipeline and Production Integrity with Quality Laser Leak Detection and get ahead of stricter regulation standards

ATS's leak detection performance was tested at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center in Wyoming in 2006. The conclusive result of the GOVERNMENT test is that ATS's airborne leak detection service utilizing the Boreal Laser outperformed all other leak detection means period. We now LEASE the Boreal AB Laser to install on your helicopter or vechicle. View our test results click HERE.

ATS specializes in airborne leak detection service for monitoring pipeline integrity. We provide the most technologically advanced leak detection laser which is tuned to a specific molecular level identifing the methane molecule to less than 1 PPM. The Boreal laser is a closed path unit; it samples the air in a known environment so our laser does not suffer from the light, temperature, ground conditions, or weather problems that interfere with other laser, ultraviolet or infrared systems.

ATS can also mount the Boreal Laser on vehicles for ground surveys to identify leaks in neighborhoods and production fields. Whether we fly or drive near the pipeline right-of-way or production facilities, methane levels are displayed in real time allowing for immediate communication with the client if a large leak or other problems are detected.

ATS’s exclusive leak detection service is a man power muliplyer by accuratly and efficiently surving over 200 pipeline miles per day. Reducing the risk to employee safety by eliminating potential hazards such as accidents, wild animals and land owners. Vegetation and hostle terrain can make it impossible to apply a ground based leak program, our proven service simplfyes leak detection unlike any other detection service.

ATS has an optional video service which provides clients with a video and audio record of the flight. During the flight, the Technician can mark a point of interest to be examined after the flight. The video of the pipeline with the recording of cockpit conversation is a valuable tool in providing points of interest which can include: exposed pipeline, dead vegetation, problems with the right-of-way or other client concerns. The video footage is integrated into our mapping program. When viewing the mapping program, the client can click anywhere on the flight path (which is color coded for methane levels) and see the exact location of the helicopter flying on that route, with the video playing in another window. This program is especially helpful in reviewing areas of pipeline which are not easily inspected due to their location.

Priced affordably by the project mileage or by Boreal equipment lease, ATS can prove the integrity of your pipeline or production field. Call ATS today at (303) 858-1359 to find out more about how you can benefit from ATS’s Pipeline Surveillance Services.

Click here to view our sample Pipeline Technology Video

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